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Zakariya I. I. Saleh

Fonts Designer & Programmer

Zakariya Saleh, Palestinian, Palestine Polytechnic University graduate of Multimedia and Information Technology, Specialized in the design and programing of fonts, exclusive and commercial digital calligraphy by the name of RTLtype, also specialized in the production of calligraphic and word-type logos, designing of printable materials and full advertising packages.


Fonts Designer & Programmer
Logo Design
Designing Books and Publications
Voice Recording and Visual Design


Arabic Native
English Good



Yatta High School for Boys Bachelor - Social Science


Palestine Polytechnic University Bachelor - Multimedia, Information Technology, Bachelor

جاري الدراسة

Palestine Polytechnic University Master - Multimedia, Information Technology، MA


01-2000 - Current

Freelance Designer Calligrapher, Advertising Material Designer and Computer Fonts

01-2003 - 10-2007

Islamic Society for Orphans Welfare, Hebron Graphic Designer, Photographer

01-2006 - 01-2007

Gloevol IT - Web Solution Graphic Designer

01-2006 - Current

Dawaer, Web Services Graphic Designer

06-2009 - Current

Infiniti for Printing and Design Graphic Design Officer

01-2009 - 01-2014

Arabic Fonts Library, online Fonts Designer & Programmer

01-2010 - 01-2011

Negev News Newspaper Graphic Designer

01-2012 - Current

Arabic calligraphy App via the Internet, E. Mashq, Winsoft International Test member

07-2012 - Current

Ministry of Education Graphic Designer

04-2013 - Current

GlyphApp font design and programming software Test and support member

03-2014 - 04-2021

Palestine Science and Technology Fair, ISIF Media organizer, online registration officer

04-2015 - 04-2021

Palestine Exhibition for Smartphone Applications, UNESCO Media organizer, online registration officer

01-2015 - 01-2016

OVIA Co. Content Designer and Programmer

01-2015 - 01-2016

AXIZO for Investment Graphic Designer

11-2016 - 12-2017

Palestine Polytechnic University Lecturer on Calligraphy in Design, Printmaking Course

01-2017 - 01-2018

Palestinian Curriculum Center Scientific Curriculum Books Designer for Grades 1-8

01-2018 - Current

Ministry of Education Content Programmer

01-2018 - 04-2019

Ministry of Labor, Vocational Training Center Lecturer in Graphic Design

09-2019 - 01-2020

Palestine Technical University, Khadouri Lecturer in multimedia

01-2014 - Current

RTLtype, online Fonts Designer & Programmer, Advertising Package Designer

Designed and programmed by many fonts with exclusive license to several international parties: Kurdistian24net TV, BEIN Sport TV, Baghdad TV, Al-Ahed TV, Al-Sirat TV, Al-Kamil TV, Fallujah TV, Libya Al-Ahrar TV, Tigris TV, King Abdullah Airport, Radio Nawa, Quds News Network, MicMedia, HangMedia, Qatar Media Corporation, “Orange” Partner Communications, Hungerstation Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority known simply as SDAYA, Derayah Project, Canva, Australia, College of Sharia Sciences, Kafrbara, Palestine Polytechnic University, Imam University Muhammad bin Saud, King Fahd Causeway Public Corporation, Saudi Arabia, The National Center for Digital Certification, Saudi Arabia, J. Walter Thomson، Nespresso Middle East, Duknah Perfume.
09-2021 - Current

Palestine Polytechnic University Academic lecturer for the Creativity Principles course



Curriculum design in Adobe InDesign Ministry of Education, Palestinian Curriculum Center


E-Learning Joint training between the Singapore government and the Jordanian Ministry of Labor at the Training Center in Marka



Palestine Science and Technology Fair

An ongoing Project Annually

Palestine Exhibition for Smart Devices Applications

An ongoing Project Annually


[email protected] - 0562500077

Eng. Hadi Saadeh
[email protected] - 0568804440

Mutaz Jubeh

Infiniti company
[email protected] - +41764242909

Dr. Osama Rabie

Publisher, Switzerland
[email protected] - 0568446695

Muhammed Weredat

Head of the Internet and Information Department, Ministry of Education
[email protected] - 0595520299

Dr. Amjad Shehadeh

Head of the Instructional Aids Design Department, Ministry of Education Master's Thesis Supervisor, Birzeit University, American University.
[email protected] - 0599775122

Nader Fallah

Faculty of Multimedia, Palestine Polytechnic University
[email protected] - 0599875907

Dr. Ali Taha

Head of the Department of the Faculty of Arts, Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, Ramallah
- 0569438804

Dr. Bilal Younes

President of Palestine Technical University, Al-Arroub Branch
[email protected] - 0599276723

Samira Abu Ghalioun

College of Applied Professions, Palestine Polytechnic University
[email protected] - 0599099009

Ashraf Odeh

College of Applied Professions, Palestine Polytechnic University